Carlos Pardo, also known as Made is a commercial illustrator and graphic designer. He lives in Paris (France) and works as senior freelance artist and consultant for the entertainment industry, publishing and internet companies.

His illustration techniques combine traditional drawing coupled with digital painting, pixeling and composites are used for some concept designs commissions. His works appeared in books, video games and expositions worldwide. Carlos is one of the founders of the internationally acclaimed creative community Café Salé (CFSL) and co-founder of the publishing company CFSL Ink. There he organizes workshops, exhibitions and publishing projects.

Clients include : Orange, EuroRSCG / Havas, Ankama, Upperdeck entertainment, Docomo NTT, Famitsu magazine, Mattel, Namco, Mindscape, Canal +, Vodaphone, Vivendi games, Publicis, Method films, La poste, Promovacances, Red Cross, Taschen publishing, Mindscape, Punchers Impact, Dunod.

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